Melinda Clarke and Kevin Sorbo as Julie Cooper and Frank Atwood from The OC

:3 MClarke! So… beautiful. By the way gif’s are mine.. just forgot the watermark… so yeah

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ARTIST: Blabberlots
TRACK: Snape Classroom V1-0
ALBUM: Sorcerer's Stone Stuff
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So, my sister has a Paigee world, and while she was doing that, I decided to do some stuff and I ended up sketching the first pic.

He’s Harry Potato (kinda inspired from the Puppet Pal’s Neville lol -omg i just realized he doesn’t have glasses huhu). He’s trying to get a plate of meatballs (supposedly cookies but whatever) and although his fingers are kinda wanting to break off he’s still pretty much the potato that lived.

Then after about a minute when I persuaded my sister to put up the first pic on Paigee world, well, I was already sketching the other potatoes. I first was able to sketch Snape Potato on a cauldron, then Ron Potato freakin’ out on them spiders, annoyed at the boy’s antics Hermione Potato and last but not least, fermenting Dumbledore Potato.

That’s all! I just wanted to share it with you guys haha :D

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‘You can’t party every day. I suppose life is about the pursuit of pleasures and mine didn’t involve alcohol, they involved reading.’

 - Jennifer Beals (on the youth of Hollywood: http://goo.gl/d55Hqf)  (via ossessioni-deliri-e-sogni)
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I don’t have any words… (actually I do, there’s just too much and it will be annoying to put it all here)


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I just want to say.


I like




It’s a great feeling

          to fall

                   and someone           

                           catches you ———> but even though there’s no one

                                                                                    to catch me

                                                                  when I





                                                    … I guess it’s fine too. 

                       I like the feeling ——— of being happy

                                                 ——— of hoping

                                                   ——— of being alive

Even when they say “No” and I feel the pain, and I feel that I want to chew myself out and decide my fate…

I honestly…


and hope 


be able to


someone like 



here with me.

                                                                             It might be selfish..

                                                                             but isn’t it better?

                                                                        that we rather talk again

                                                                        than ignore each other?

It’s painful, I know, but I know talking is always good. I believe that time can heal the pain is bullshit though. Don’t ask me how, not in this post.

This poem is to

                      fall                         Rise again…. and forgive…  &

                           in                    /                                            hopefully

                            love…. and /                                                come back

                                                                                               as friends


I’m a dreamer, and a lover, a believer and a friend. If I say I love you, I do. If I say I care, I do. and I would do anything in my power for you except to let you go, or ignore you. Because i’m not like thatand even if it hurts. I’ll be here for you. 

I’ll always be.

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Don’t Be Sad: Just Look At All Of The Movies You Have To Look Forward To

This is actually a reblogged as chat. I changed it to text so I could see what I like :)

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No regrets. Dalice :3

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To: Ms. Alice Pieszecki

No… that’s not right… *bites lip*

Hey Alice!

Fuck…  *ruffles hair*


For fucks sake this is stupid *throws pen in anger and leaves*
*Comes back in 20 minutes after binge eating on ice cream*

*bite’s the right side of the lower lip really hard while thinking as she taps pen on the paper.*

Okay, I got this… *breathes*

Hey Al,

I think i’m falling in love with you… 

Oh jeez, erase that Dana *reprimanding herself* that’s so stupid.

I”m seriously fucking unsure what the hell I’m doing right now. I mean, after all this time, that tennis instructor I had, Ralph or something we named her, Tonya (I know you’re rolling your eyes), Lara,(I know I know don’t frown.) and yeah, I thought I was like, finished with all of these love crap, that I could do this without them, and I could actually like, be with you and we can be awesome friends again in the Planet chillin’ with Shane and you guys can laugh about my gaydar, or lack of it and we can go and talk about how boring Tina and Bette are and all..

But I’m seriously hating myself right now, like literally. It’s like me ego keeps on smashing me with my tennis racket and seeing Harrison so openly gay even though he shouldn’t be sends me crakin’ y’know? I don’t know when this happened, I think it was gradual, but… this is like, the fastest I’ve ever fallen for someone if I thought I about well.

Jeez, i’ve suffered so much…already y’know? Them, my family, career, my health and now I just don’t think it’s easy getting this off my chest. I don’t know how to fucking say it and I know you might think I’m such a weirdo for now knowing how to say something I know, but hey you’re the radio star, talking is easy for you. …  but even if I did say it, I have no idea what will the outcome would be.

I’m scared I might crash really, really, really ,really bad. I don’t know what I’m doing to myself, I don’t even know where’ i’m heading! It’s like, I’m just swinging my arm hitting those tennis balls and my arm is gonna fall off from my shoulder socket but I seriously don’t know how how to stop because I’ve been going and going and even though I want to stop, I can’t… I can only hope when I swing too much,… I can hope for the best that when the ball gets there, my arm is still intact.

Weird isn’t it? I’ve been trying to practice writing these past months while I was away from La, it’s not like im a journalist or anything like you, I just hit balls, but really, I didn’t know I CAN write, huh, I’m awesome, you know I am.

Okay, that’s stupid, I can’t say anything anymore, and I think I’m actually good with this letter and I’m hoping for the best… oh haha, i’m still typing what’s in my head, I should stop … but the pen is keeping on writing… fuck that.

ostrich, watermelon, antelope, panasonic, angelica, tennis, kcrw, ellen degeneres, atmospheric weather condition… 

Okay, I think I can stop now… whatever. So yeah. if you didn’t get it… imfallinginlovewithyou… but being so far from LA and everything I don’t know… doyoulovemetoo? <———( YOU CAN LIKE,NOT THINK OF THIS OKAY? IT”S FOR DALICE’S BENEFIT LOL)

Loved you since I don’t even remember…


who the fuck am I kidding? Will i even mail this shit?

I love you…



Ms. Dana Fairbanks.

Captain Stubbings, 

you like him too right?


Shane McCutcheon 

Lol can you imagine shane writing this crap I made?


With Love…


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Laurel Holloman mimicking Shane McCutchon of The L Word

to whoever uploaded this on youtube. Thank you very much

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